Ford Focus ST170

A great car... but you need to know more about it. Yeah, admit it.


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Welcome to Ford Focus ST170 website

Vrooom! Welcome to the Ford Focus ST170 website, where you will find information and the ST170 specifications about this great car. You will find this website is a bit of more "general information" about the Ford Focus ST170 and also "that's my car, and I am sharing my information and my research with you" so you can gain your knowledge from mine. If it make sense anyway...

This site will include some information about the Ford Focus ST170 car, my history with the car, the changes and repairs I have done toward it, some How-To and anything else related to it like some useful information and much more.

Along with that, there will be some photo & videos of the car, some close-up of the parts I bought for the car. And other things that I can think of to help you. Don't forget to watch my ST170 on the rolling road!

Want to know how often you need to service your ST170 car? Or what are required to be serviced? Come over to the Service Schedule page and find out for yourself!

Did you know Ford sold 10,915 ST170 cars between 2002 and up to May 2004? That's pretty tiny, making the ST170 sort of like unique. So if you see the ST170 on the road, give them a wave!

Got some DTC codes that you want translated? Check out the listing of available DTC codes to look it up

My Dreamscience review page is up so if you want to know about how I find Dreamscience for the ST170 is, check it out.

Cant find the parts you want for the ST170? Look no further, I have put together some code for the common parts you need - just head over to the ST170 FINIS codes page.

If you want to go straight to the source of information, use the navigation on the left - it will take you to the area you want to know more.

Or if you are in a hurry and need to find the information you need, use the Search This Site feature.

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