Ford Focus ST170

A great car... but you need to know more about it. Yeah, admit it.


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My history of the ST170 car

Right, how do I begin?

My old car, an Ford Escort, which I've driven since April 2004 had its cylinder head water leak due to a warped base. And was meant to put it together but due to lack of time, it did not happen. So I left it while looking around for a replacement car. The Ford Escort is now since gone - it was collected on 21st February 2006 by a young guy who is going to put it together for his own use. So I'm glad to see it going to a good home.

Anyway, back to the story... I was planning to look for something like VW Golf and similar cars. I found a garage in King Lynn and test driven some cars including VW Golf and came across the lovely, back Ford Focus ST170 sitting on the forecourt, shouting "Test drive me please!" and I took the car for a spin. And that's where I fell in love with this car. :D

After a few days of negotiation with the dealer, I managed to knock down the price a bit and got 12 month warranty with it. I drove home with the new car, happy with my smile ear to ear. I've had fun with ever since and grew liking it even more.

And this is where this website is born so I can share my experience of this car with you all. :D

In the future, I am hoping to give the engine a clean, so when I open the bonnet, it will be sparking clean for my friend to have a peek inside. Maybe add some "mods" but this is unlikely for a while. But who knows?