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Installing K&N Air Filter Panel - KN-33-2819

The K&N Air filter panel brings in cleaner air going into your engine. And you do not have to throw it away at every car service, so it saves you money in the long run. All you need is the K&N cleaning kit, which you can use to clean the filter panel and it'll be as good as new!

I am using K&N Air filter panel model KN-33-2819 for this Ford Focus car. I got it cheaply via ebay - click here to search for 33-2819

This is a quick guide to show you how to do this job very easily without any fuss. Click for bigger picture.

The location of the air box, in case you can't find it. ;) Remove these 4 screws on the airbox

Remove the top of the airbox, taking care of the tubing attached to it. You sould see the air filter panel.

Remove the panel. You may find some dirt in there. I recommend cleaning the bottom box.

Unscrew the tubing from the top box - this will give you easy access. Then before you remove the bottom box, unplug the oil breather tube (just under the MAF sensor)

That's what it looks like after removing the bottom box

Before the clean

After the clean

Put the bottom box back in

Make sure the snorkel tube is fitted into the hole correctly. And don't forget to plug the oil breather tube back in as well!

The K&N panel box. Open it.

Put it in the air box, ensuring that all sides are fitted correctly

Put top air box, screw them in and the job is done!