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Fitting Top, Rear brake light

The top, rear brake light's plastic was craaked but I didn't bother fixing it because it was not too bad... until now! I just noticed that it was start to crumble away so I had to take action before the water reaches the electricial section. So off I went to Ford part dept and got a new one. The FINIS code is 1120425.

What you need is a star screwdriver (Trox size 25) and about 5 to 10 minute of your time

As you can see, there are cracks around the windscreen washer bit

Unwrap the new one carefully

Double check there are no damages to it before fitting it

Using the Trox screwdriver, unscrew two screws from it and pull out. Be aware, it's attached to the electrical cable!

Unplug the washer hose pipe, unclip the old light cover, leaving you with this. Change bulb if broken

Clip back the new one to the holder, re-plug the washer hose pipe, double check that everything are attached and working before putting it back in

After putting it back in, screw them in - NOT TOO TIGHTLY!! Just secure enough.

And a close up of the new light. :D