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Fitting Side Repeaters

I did not like the idea of seeing a bright white side repeaters on my black ST170. So what did I do? Fit an smoked side repeaters of course! That will "hide" the side repeaters, but comes alive with bright orange when in use. And it's "E" marked, which means it's legal to use.

As usual, I got mine from ebay as they have various colours to suit your car's colour! And some of them are cheaper to buy than from a shop.

Removing and fitting the new one is an easy step, which should take you about 5 minutes of your time per side.

First of all, to remove it, push down the top a little bit and it should start to slide down. Then pull it out. If it's a bit hard to pull it out, use a credit card like I did...

After removing it, take care to take the bulb holder out of the side panel and you should see something like this.

Remove the metal holder, unplug the old side repeater from the black plug. Then twist the bulb holder and pull it out of the side repeater. Put the bulb holder in the new side repeater, twist, plug the black plug back on it and carefully insert it in the side panel.

And now, this is what it looks like after fitting it back on! This was taken on the next day, car washed and that's what it looks like...