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Replace the Oil Dipstick

The oil dipstick was starting to get very rusty due to the excess heat from the manifold, so rusty, it's starting to break in half! Before it happened, I decided it was time to replace it with a new one, coated in Very High Temperate Paint to give it extra life.

The oil dipstick tube part number is FINIS 4346328

Click on image for bigger picture.

The new oil dipstick, along with the new manifold headshield (see my other HOWTO)

Cover up both endings with masking tape to stop the paint from entering the tube and also preventing the paint from touching the rubber tube at the end of the dipstick.

With that pad, I rubbed down the dipstick tube.

I use Cellulose Thinners to get rid of dirt & grime on the dipstick tube. Leave to dry. Then I use Very High Temperature Engine Enamel Paint to cover up the dipstick tube. After painting, leave it to dry - should take about 2 hours or so. I gave it three coats for best results.

Remove the old dipstick - unbolt and then pull it up. You may have to pull it a little bit hard. This is what it looks like when I had the old dipstick tube removed.

Old vs new dipstick tube

See how bad it has rusted! You may be able to see the hole.

Put some car oil on the rubber tube on the dipstick tube and push it in the engine. Make sure it clicks. Then bolt it on. All done!

With the Very High Temperature Engine Enamel Paint, it should keep the dipstick tube free from rust and also it's easy to clean. Result! :D