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Replace the Manifold Headshield

My headshield was starting to get very rusty and looking very untidy so I decided to get a new manifold headhield and paint it with High Temperate Paint, so it will give it longer life. And this is an HOWTO on removing and replacing the manifold headhield.

The manifold heatshield part number is FINIS 4501548 and the 6 x bolts as FINIS 1663888

Click on image for bigger picture.

This is what it used to like before I changed it...

The new manifold headshield

With that pad, I rubbed down the headshield and that's what it came out as

I use Cellulose Thinners to get rid of dirt & grime on the headshield. Leave to dry. Then I use Very High Temperature Engine Enamel Paint to cover up the headshield.

After painting, leave it to dry - should take about 2 hours or so. I gave it three coats for best results.

While leaving the headshield to dry, I jacked up my car. Observe and follow the safe jacking rule. This is needed as you have to drop the fan framework in order to access the headshield. Photo shows where to put the axle stand. This shows front, left side.

This is to show you where the axle stands are.

Now, get under the car. On the driver side of the engine, near the front, you should see this. Remove the metal clip.

For better view, here's the top view

This is what the clip looks like after removing. Once removed, unplug it.

Now move over to the passenger side of the engine, just under the snorkel, unclip and unplug this plug

It's time to do the tricky bit - driver side, unclip & pull up the fan framework just a bit, so it doesn't clip back on itself

Do the same for the passenger side

Now get yourself under the car again and carefully remove the fan framework, taking care of other hose pipe and wiring. NOTE! There is one wire attached to the fan framework that you may want to unclip for easy removal. But if you are careful, you can remove it without unclipping the wire. Here's what it looks like when it's out.

While still under the car, unscrew the 2 bolts on the manifold headshield. You may need to use WD40 or other tools to remove them as it may be rusty/stuck solid! Then back to the engine bay and unscrew all 4 bolts on the top. Once removed, slide down the manifold down, following the manifold directions and off it goes! This is what it looks like. (note, I removed my oil dipstick, see my other HOWTO)

Check the new manifold headshield is dried before fitting it the same direction as you took out the old one, start from bottom and push it upward. Fit it, screw them down and reconnect all cables (use this guide in reverse order). There WILL be some scratches on the new manifold headshield but not much. Just apply some more paint on them.

Carefully jack down the car, check over all cables that you unplugged is securely plugged back together. Check the fan framework is clipped and sloted in correctly on all 4 sides (2 per side) and check the fan is moving freely by pushing down the blades with your hand. When you are happy, take the car for a drive around - the heat from the manifold will set and harden the paint,

Yes, it's tricky but in the long run, it will look much better than before and it won't rust again! :D